Make up is like a tool that can help you change your look. Girls are like crazy to try different types of makeup looks so that they look prettier and different. Some tries dramatic eye look and go for traditional touch. However, there are different types of makeup style that you need to carry according to the occasion. It is not like you can have any kind of makeup at any event. You need to be picky about such things. Here are some of the types of makeup looks given below:

Natural Makeup Look

Okay! Natural makeup look is highly in demand. Girls love it. It is like a natural every day look. This type of look can be adopted for work, while going for walk or while sitting at home. This includes the use of little foundation with some moisturizer to make skin look even tone. Little earth tone eye shades will work in this look. Give your lip a tint shade and you are done with this natural look.

Professional Makeup Look

The professional makeup look is always necessary. You cannot go without proper professional makeup look. Professional makeup look is a look in which you can use makeup more than the natural makeup. This makeup will start with foundation and concealer. A bit light and fresh pink blush and earth toned eye shadow will help you get a fresh but professional make look. Don’t forget to apply light coating of mascara at the end along with pinkish lipstick.

Special Event Makeup Look

Special events might include wedding, party or engagement. On such occasions you need something extra that could be half professional and half sexy look. You can start with a proper base. Use foundation, concealer and blush to highlight face features. Adding a bronzer will be a plus point. Apply smoky shades. But you need to be sure about lip color it should be lighter as eyes are going to be dark. Fake lashes of any good company with some mascara will give your eyes a nice attractive look.

Sexy Look

If you want more attractive and sexier look then red lipstick is a must. Such kind of looks are mostly for the events like prom night or a valentine day’s dinner. You would need smoky eyes with heavy lashes and mascara application. Red lips will make it more tempting. Do not forget to apply perfume if you want to be truly sexy.

Dramatic Look

Dramatic look is fun. You can have fun while having a dramatic look. You can have a look into a magazine that contains pictures of any latest fashion show. Try that type of makeup look. You will see eyes shadows, eyebrows, color of lips and the contouring way. Little bit glittery makeup will make it a perfect dramatic look and you will love it. Keep this thing in mind that dramatic makeup is always shimmery. So add bronzer to get the best dramatic look which people will admire.