Your way of wearing clothes and accessories shows your standard. Standard does not mean you have to wear something expensive. It is all about your choice. If you know what to wear at what time then you can catch a perfect look. One of the important parts of your whole look is the jewelry. Yes! It can enhance your look or may even make your appearance look more attractive. It depends on the choice. Your selection of jewelry matters so this article has been specially written to tell you about what you should wear and when. It might be a little tricky but once you know then you will be able to wear easily according to the occasions.

Wearing Diamonds!

Diamonds are always been on the top of list and it considered as best friend of girl. Yeah! It is girl’s weakness. They love to wear it but when to wear it? Only Diamonds? No! No! There are a number of stones that can be a part of your attractive personality like gemstone, pendants or may be pearls too. Actually, they are more affordable than diamonds but with same attractive beauty. But the issue is knowing about wearing jewelry has not always been intuitive.

For Casual Occasions

Different casual occasions like brunch, weekend errands, lunch in neighborhood you need to style up. For such kind of occasions you can try the fine pieces of metal jewelry. If you have a range of choices then go for the thinner pieces and give them a breezy look by layering.  If we go a little deeper side then following tips would be very helpful:

    • Necklace: Okay! Necklace would be perfect if you are wearing tees in V-neck or high neck sweaters will also need a nice decent piece. You can go for chain’s 2-3 layers. It will give you effortlessly cool look.
    • Rings: Rings are necessary for girls. Their hands are incomplete without a nice ring. There are different types of rings some are in white gold, some in thin gold and various are found in rose gold and they look chic if you wear a 1-2 in each hand.
    • Bracelets: Your casual elevation needs some metal bangles. Bracelets could be a good choice as it will add up structure to your look. These small things can enhance your personality very easily.
    • Earrings: If you want to add color in your look then small studs with any nice decent color stone will work. These days, studs in smaller size are in trends which are mostly 3-4mm in size.

These were some tips for a casual occasion. There are more tips for other occasions like wedding, professional look etc. But you need to do a bit of research. You will find latest trends on the first page. It is not necessary to wear things which are in fashion even though it is good to wear trendy stuff but still wear which suits your personality. Especially wear something which is really your favorite.