From everyday to the unique pieces that people uses occasionally like on wedding or any special parties may lose their shine with time because of dirt, dust etc. It can clog setting of jewelry and makes the stone lose shine. Such pieces are useless without shine but you cant throw expensive jewelry so easily. Why don’t you try some easy hacks at home to clean and polish it? What if it gets like new by using few things at home? Here are some of the hacks given below use them to get best results:

Gold Cleaning

Jewelry is available in different materials so let’s start with gold. Gold gets dull with time and need polish if it is used too much. Let’s start with gold bracelets, chains and earrings. Take a bowl and put some drops of dish washing soap proceeding with warm water. Be careful while put small pieces in the bowl. Use strainer for it. Put smaller things in strainer then in bowl. Leave it for few minutes. After a while swish and take them out. Now you need a soft brush to clear chain or bracelets. It will dislodge if any dirt is stuck in it. After brushing rinse it in water and clear it with soft cloth.

Gemstones Cleaning

Gemstones are really expensive and the one who loves stone knows the value. But with time they start losing their sparkle. There are many stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies etc. The instruction as given above can be used for the gemstones as well. It is a bit sensitive work as you need to clean small stones. So be sure you use soft brush and strainer while cleaning and washing stones to bring their sparkle back.

Pearls Cleaning

Pearls are so porous that’s why they lose their luster very easily. They need to be cleaned very carefully. They are different from stones so never ever soak them as they might get weak and break. You can start the cleansing of pearl with soft cloth. If you have any spare make soft brush then soak it in a mixture of warm water in which you have added shampoo. Brush gently on the pearls.  At the end, use small cloth to clean them. If you have opals then this no soak treatment can be used for them. It is okay for them.

There are many other ways to clean and polish jewelry. It depends on the material. You cannot use same hack for all types. So be careful and see if it works well or not. To avoid losing spark and shine of jewelry then try handling jewelry with care. You need to place it carefully. Avoid using perfumes on the jewelry it sometimes become cause of its dullness. Like if you are using gold after wearing it put it in its box with care so that dust get on it. Again! Every material polishing and cleaning is different so do not try same method for other type of jewelry. Be sure about it.