While the showcases of runway what is coming up in fashion, when you see streets they don’t only display the future but the present on trend. So, if you are always in seek of new trends and want to keep your wardrobe up to date then the world’s best street style stars will work as inspiration for you. In every season these ladies works as role models for the people around. They debut the latest and best fashion looks for the people like you. Well, if you are in search of 2019 styles then you are on the right place. In this articles some latest and modern styles has been described. It will help you groom yourself in a best way:

1. Blazers with Bike shorts

Athleisure this time gave another look to people and of course it is as much unexpected as it seems to be stylish. She has a new look in which you can wear bike shorts with a eye catching blazer. Of course, it might not seem good for the office or any professional meeting but will work for a day out with friends. What do you say?

2. Wear Some Animal Instincts

If you need a really cool and perfect street style outfit then this will work. The bold and wild prints of animal instincts are highly in demand and people love it. Loud leopard print is among the most favorites. There are different styles of wearing such prints. It can be in the form of coats, suits or sometimes pants. You are going to love this street look.

3. Boiler Suits Is Love

The utilitarian styled wears is seen in all the major cities these days. This style was basically designed for the manual labor, mostly called as boiler suits. But now it is no more only in use of labor, it is a street style of all the youngsters who really want to look different and cool. There are different styles available in these suits so you won’t be short of choices and of course they are easily available in the market.

4. The Lavender Tones are Inn

If you are looking for any specific color which is in fashion then Lavender is in. The rocking range of lavender shades are making girls loves it. Its trend is increasing. Last year Ultra Violet was among the favorites but now people are preferring soft colors which made them love lavender tones and hope you will love them too.

This is not it. Fashion and style is a never ending thing. You may find a number of styles and designs that you can carry formal or casually. You need to do a bit of research that what is still missing and what you would like to adopt and wear from this year’s fashion trend. It might be a bit time taking but will help you get different and trendy look. What are you waiting for? Fill your wardrobe with some trendy clothes and make your look more exciting this year.